"www.gaetanou.com has been an amazing experience and I recommend it for anyone seeking to achieve a higher level of sophistication. Not only has my speaking ability and speech improved, but my thought process as well. www.gaetanou.com motivates and encourages you to think beyond and fulfill your true potential. I was underachieving in a lower echelon college but will transfer to a major college while working dillegently to achievie a 4.0. Now I am headed for Wall Street and beyond! This will potentially be my springboard to an Ivey league experience possibly even studying in Paris. I never knew such potential was dormant in my mind but www.gaetanou.com brought to the surface what we all have inside, unlimited potential."

Thank you
Lindsay Otero
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I didn't realize how much we really do not know. "all I know, is that I know nothing" ~ Socrates . GaetanoU introduced me to this age old truth and it compels me daily. Every day there is something new to take in and learn. I have heard that before, but every individual is different and unique and GaetanoU knows that. Learning more about myself with GaetanoU works with my individual learning style. I found out my learning advances when I listen, rather than alone reading a book as there are audible, visual, and tactile learners. GaetanoU identified this in 5 minutes of meeting me.

Now I understand concepts more deeply as I have learned to analyze and focus on the smaller details as well as envisioning the big picture. Speaking much better and thinking in a more sophisticated manner is only the beginning for my new education tract.

Carrying on more intelligent conversations with my professors and interacting much more in class is clearly enhancing my intellect. My new mind set reflects in my grades and confidence. Traveling, obtaining at least a masters degree, and having a high level occupation is now on the horizon for me. GaetanoU has definitely been a wise choice in my 3 years of college".